Fire Water Yoga


  Teaching the subtle art of yoga (e-ryt-200) ...

         at Blue Heron Wellness, Silver Spring, MD

         at Third Space Wellness, Silver Spring, MD

         at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD

         check out “Art of Yoga” for my schedule and some background

  Painting in watercolor ...

         exploring the power of fire, water, and yoga

         Signature artist/member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS)

         Vice President, Philadelphia Water Color Society (PWCS)

         See my paintings & drawings in “Visual Arts

  Playing guitar ...                       

          occasionally (maybe with my yoga teaching one day)            

           see “Music” for some recent playlists from yoga classes           

  Sharing ...                                                Writing ...

         interesting stuff and some great services ...                          occasionally ... 

         see “Healing Arts                                                                 check out “Reflections

Rick Kowalewski, artist, teacher, life practitioner

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